About me

Elena Busch


Manners, communication, and style are essential to my life: During the two decades in which I have concerned myself with these topics, I have learned something new and fascinating every day.

There is nothing more telling about human beings than the way in which they treat and interact with each other. I understand manners, communication, and style as more than just etiquette: They are a LebensART  – the art of living together and at the same time of expressing yourself in a unique, individual way. In my work, I therefore pursue a holistic approach.

My qualification

My substantial expertise stems from over 20 years of professional experience: I have worked as a consultant for both private customers and businesses, and as a training instructor in the national and international luxury and jewelry branches (including Harry Winston, Bulgari, and René Kern – now Bucherer).

I have developed the methodological competencies required for professional training and coaching during many years of practical experience. I am also a certified psychodynamic coach as well as etiquette coach and have completed the advanced training “train the trainer” by IHK.

Our Cooperation

The goal of my work is to support you in mastering your individual challenges. In doing so, I adopt an honest and critical, yet emphatic and solution-oriented approach. Your needs and wants are of paramount importance to me.

No matter if we are working on your professional or private change process, if you need short-term help, or if you require a crisis intervention – I look forward to working with you.

For Businesses

Displaying a confident demeanor, treating others with respect, and communicating appropriately are essential skills in a professional environment ...


For Private Customers

Making a good first impression matters to most of us – not only because we directly profit from a confident appearance, but also because we associate ...